About Beverly

Pulling out of her driveway in the summer of 2003, Beverly had no idea what was to lie ahead…

She had been physically active her entire life, growing up on a farm with an orchard full of apple trees to climb. She spent four years on the high school basketball court, and attained a black belt in karate, twenty-something years later. Over all these years, Beverly had also enthusiastically embraced a variety of recreational sports including running, skiing, weight-lifting, cycling, hiking and swimming.

During this time, she graduated magna cum laude from Temple University with a degree in business administration and built a career in the corporate world. But now, after 22 years, she was leaving all that behind, heading West on the Pennsylvania turnpike – California bound!

Three years later and this former East coast software executive, now living in Marin County, had attained her massage therapist, advanced bodyworker, and pregnancy massage certification from Alive and Well / The Institute of Conscious Bodywork. Beverly had come full-circle. Her new career had reconnected her to her love of movement and opened her to the fascinating world of anatomy.

Neurologic bodywork was the next and most profound discovery Beverly was to make. Based on the pain relief and functional improvement she experienced after having just one session, she was hooked. Beverly knew this was the work she was meant to do. By 2011, she had been certified in neurologic bodywork, and began her private practice in 2012.


She lives in San Rafael’s West End with her partner Michael, who just happened to be the therapist who gave Beverly her first neurologic session! Beverly and Michael have been together ever since and share a deep passion for their work. They have worked independently yet symbiotically, building a shared base of knowledge and experience. Over the past two years, Beverly has had the honor of working in partnership with Michael in his development and teaching of Motor Control Therapy®.

When not immersed in bodywork, Beverly and Michael indulge in gardening, their other shared passion. Together, they have created a backyard oasis and wildlife retreat which provides a much needed spot for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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