Motor Control Therapy®

The ultimate solution to your pain and movement problems.

Motor Control Therapy® (MCT) taps into the neural pathways our brains use to transmit directions to, and receive information back from, our muscles. This continuous, neurologic conversation between our brains and our muscles is where all movement begins. By tapping into the source of movement, MCT can be the ultimate solution to your pain and movement problems, whether you’re a high performance athlete, a hardworking mom, or a desk jockey who just wants to be fit and comfortable

How does this work?

Our bodies are comprised of two major systems that make movement possible:

Motor - The Musculoskeletal System

Our muscles, skeleton, joints, ligaments and tendons - all of the moving parts that get us from point A to point B

Control - The Central Nervous System

Our brain and spinal cord – the fundamental apparatus that designs, directs and transmits a plan of movement to the Motor

The Motor and the Control are inextricably linked. The Motor has physical power, but lacks ideas; it requires that Control be in the driver’s seat. So, if you cannot move how you want to, when you want to, easily and without pain, the problem is not just with your Motor. The symptoms show up there – and that’s what most manual therapies address – but the solution is almost always in Control.

Why? Because chronic movement problems develop when injured muscles send messages to Control, indicating pain and dysfunction. In order to prevent further injury and to compensate for lack of muscular ability, Control’s response is to design and transmit an alternate movement pattern to the Motor – this is compensation. While this non-authentic way of moving can keep you going for a while, it eventually results in chronic pain and limited function.

Through the dynamic, highly interactive MCT protocol, the therapist can determine what compensatory pattern Control has communicated to your Motor, clear that inappropriate pattern, and restore authentic movement. When authentic movement is restored, pain and movement inhibitions are alleviated and in many cases, disappear completely.

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